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Selecting A Builder for Your New Home

Hi, and welcome back to the Envision.

Home At Last.

video series.

Today, I’m going to talk to you about selectingyour builder.

And to start out with, what you’ll want to do is think about the size, style, and the price range of the house you intend to build.

What this will do.

it's going to allow you to narrow down your selection of builders.

After you narrowed your search a littlebit, now what I recommend is, attending home shows, parade of homes, or open houses soyou can not only meet the builder but take a home that they’ve built.

Another step is to talk to friends and relativeswho’ve already built.

They’ll be happy to refer a builder ontoyou if they had a good experience.

That being said, if they didn’t have a goodexperience they’re going to let you know about that too.

So keep in mind, a builder’s reputationis built by word of mouth.

If they do a good job, you will know aboutit.

Now your next will be to contact the buildersthat you’d like to talk with and set up an interview.

And there’s certain things that you’regonna want to ask.

First and foremost, you’ll want to knowhow long has the contractor been in business and how many homes have they built? You’ll wanna ask…how they operate theirbusiness? Do they build or do they design build? And we’ve talked about the importance of design build in the past, I’m a big fan of design build because what that does is it allows you to build yourhome…within budget and you’re always going to start off on the right foot with the builder.

Does the builder build custom homes or dothey only build out of a certain library of plans? What types of projects tend to be in theirwheelhouse? What sets them apart from their competitors? During construction you’ll want to knowwho you’ll need to talk to as your point of contact.

Is it the builder that you’re interviewingor is there a project manager? What if you have questions or you make certaindecisions or you want to change something? How is that process handled? How are change orders handled and when willpricing be completed and is that number guaranteed? You’ll also want to know how long it willtake to build your house.

By giving the contractor an idea of what it is you intend to build, they should be able to tell you, approximately, how long it will taketo construct.

And in the end, who will be involved in thepunch list process? What that is, is before you move in, the buildersare going to go through the home and make sure all the little details are taken careof.

Another concern will be regarding warrantyissues.

After you move in, you’re going to findcertain things that are gonna need to be either fixed or tweaked to your liking.

You want to work with a builder that you knowyou can count on to come back to help you out.

The final piece of the puzzle? Ask that builder for three references.

You’ll want to contact homeowners that thiscontractor has built for in the past.

Now when you contact these homeowners, askthem about their overall satisfaction.

Are they happy with the construction? Were they happy with the builder before, during,and after the build? Ask them if they’d refer this contractoronto a friend or relative? Also, ask them if you can see the home.

That allows you to get in and take a look at the quality and craftsmanship that was put into the house.

So, you’re now at the point where you’vedone your research, you’ve gathered your information, you’ve talked to homeowners, and it’s time to make a decision.

The one question to ask yourself is, who doyou trust most to build your home? And what I will tell you is this, trust yourgut.

Keep in mind, you’re about to enter intoa relationship and what you want to decide is, who do you trust to build your home? Well, I hope you found this information helpful.

If you need any additional information, orhave any questions, contact us through our website, www.



We’ll see you next time.

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Should I sell my home before buying a new one?

this is jason simard with the sims realestate group your vancouver island real estate experts bringing you anothervaluable video so the question today is I own homeshould I sell it before buying another home and this is actually a reallycommon problem right now that a lot of people are having so we're working witha lot of out-of-town buyers who have homes with equity that they're planningon selling so that they can buy a home here the challenge is, they don't want to selltheir home until they've found a home but then again to find the home you mayneed to sell your home first so it puts you in an awkward position and so our team is of this mindsetnumber one if you can buy a home without having put your home on the market first great that could be an option for youbut you have to be willing to consider that maybe you'll have to carry ashort-term mortgage so you may need to consider some interim financing solutionwhich for some people may put them out of their comfort zone the ideal scenario though is you haveyour home sold or at least you have a home that is subject free and that saleis going to be happening and then you start looking because if you start looking before yourhome is for sale we might find the perfect property but the reality of itis is it's probably not going to sit on the market now there is the option youcan always put an offer subject to the sale of your home however in a challenging market like theone that we're in currently that often may not put you in the strongestbargaining position or in the strongest negotiation position however for the right property we may beable to make that work and we have made that work many times so what I'm trying to get at is this isa conversation you need to have with somebody that you trust a real estateexpert that can really help you understand what your options are andhelp you now navigate this crazy market that we're in right now so if you havequestions my team and I are here to answer thosequestions for you our contact information is below we'd be honored tohelp stay tuned in a couple weeks we'll haveanother valuable video for you.

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