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Should I sell my home before buying a new one?

this is jason simard with the sims realestate group your vancouver island real estate experts bringing you anothervaluable video so the question today is I own homeshould I sell it before buying another home and this is actually a reallycommon problem right now that a lot of people are having so we're working witha lot of out-of-town buyers who have homes with equity that they're planningon selling so that they can buy a home here the challenge is, they don't want to selltheir home until they've found a home but then again to find the home you mayneed to sell your home first so it puts you in an awkward position and so our team is of this mindsetnumber one if you can buy a home without having put your home on the market first great that could be an option for youbut you have to be willing to consider that maybe you'll have to carry ashort-term mortgage so you may need to consider some interim financing solutionwhich for some people may put them out of their comfort zone the ideal scenario though is you haveyour home sold or at least you have a home that is subject free and that saleis going to be happening and then you start looking because if you start looking before yourhome is for sale we might find the perfect property but the reality of itis is it's probably not going to sit on the market now there is the option youcan always put an offer subject to the sale of your home however in a challenging market like theone that we're in currently that often may not put you in the strongestbargaining position or in the strongest negotiation position however for the right property we may beable to make that work and we have made that work many times so what I'm trying to get at is this isa conversation you need to have with somebody that you trust a real estateexpert that can really help you understand what your options are andhelp you now navigate this crazy market that we're in right now so if you havequestions my team and I are here to answer thosequestions for you our contact information is below we'd be honored tohelp stay tuned in a couple weeks we'll haveanother valuable video for you.

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What if I sell my solar home?

People often ask us what happens if they sell their home or move.

Our response is usually, "That's great! We hope you enjoy wherever you'removing to.

" And then they ask, "But what about my solar system?" and we say, "Oh that? Not to worry.

We've got you covered.

" If youmove, the solar system and the Sunrunagreement are both fully transferable to the new homeowner, who will love saving money with solar as much asyou do.

When you tell us you're ready to sell your home, you'll get your very own ServiceTransfer Specialist to help you through every stage of the process.

The Specialist knows all the ins andouts of your specific solar agreement, and basically can deal with everything onyour behalf.

They can talk to all parties involved, from potential buyers andrealtors to escrow officers, title agents, and anyoneelse wanting to know more about the value of home solar.

We've done thousands of these servicetransfers.

Moving is hard.

Transferring your solar? That's a piece of cake.

Ready to start saving with solar? Give us a call or visit Sunrun.

Comfor free solar solar quote.

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What should I do to get my home ready to sell?

– Hello and welcomeback to our video blog, I am Yasmin Saad, with the Saad Team here.

Probably the number onequestion I get from sellers, besides how much moneyam I gonna take home, is: what do I need to do toget my property ready to list and put on the market? So here's a few quick tips,things that you can do, that will help ensureyou're in the best showing shape from day one whenyou hit the market.

Number one: anything thatmay be kinda outstanding, sitting on that honey do list, go ahead and get thoseitems taken care of.

There's a few things we always see pop up on inspection lists,perhaps there's a little bit of dry rot or wood rot between the door and the side of your houseleading from the garage.

We see that quite a bit.

If you have any outletsthat aren't working, get those repaired and upgradeto the latest technology so you're protected with a ground circuit, those pop up a lot as well.

Go ahead and install new light bulbs and buy the really good ones.

I know, you're gonna be selling the house and you probably don't want to spend, what you think is frivolous money.

It makes a differencewhen the lights are on and the home shows bright and cheery.

This is Florida, people like their light.

Simple little thingsyou can also do include: touching up your baseboards,if there's any paint that needs to be touched up, do that, and then AC cleaning anda big overall cleaning of the property makes a huge difference and having the windows washed.

If you need any helpwith any of these things, give us a call immediatelyat 239-595-8500, and of course, we'rehappy to sit down with you and take a look atspecifically you might need right there in your home.

Look forward to talking to you next time, you can also see usonline at TheSaadTeam.


Thanks so much and talk to you soon.

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How do I decide if its time To Sell my Laguna Niguel Home-Check it now

The market activity report for Laguna Niguel for theweek of March 23rd 2015 shows it's a seller's market.

The medianlist price now is $1,079,000.

And on the average it's taking 116 days to sell a home in Laguna Niguel and the days on the market are actuallyheading downward.

Although 37 percent of the homes had aprice decrease, it is currently a seller's market.

So,prices will resume their climb if the trend continues.

While the medianhome price in Laguna Niguel hasn't moved much in the last few weeks, we are relatively close to the high-water mark in pricing.

So, while prices are trending up,inventory is tightening and the days on the market is falling.

This is a great time to sell you Laguna Niguel home.

I'm Arna freedman, your real estateadvisor.

Stay tuned for the next market activityreport for Laguna Niguel, California.

You can also check your current homevalue report at viewmyhomesvalue.

Com and follow up on Twitter and Facebook.

Sign onto ehome.

Com today to get all theproperty information you need in Laguna Niguel.

Thank you.

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My Rental Property Damaged and Trashed


about to.

Take a look at my property that has.

according to Carlo and James been seriously screwed by my tenants here.

(that) just moved out last weekend.

Alright so.

This is the main floor, and we are just having it repainted and everything.

(Let's)take a look at the basement.

So this is their idea of how you utilize basement storage apparently.

These are the same guys sending me emails asking about their security deposits.

but I'm guessing this is probably nothing compared to what we are about to see.

James:Don't forget the ceiling.

right here.

Ah the crack.

That's not necessarily them.

James:Um, I wasn't thinking (that) at first James: but it could be just because James: of the bathroom, directly above this one Oh it's leaking? James:Um.

Not leaking but James:just take a look at it you'll James:see what I mean.

Alright Alright First room.

These people lived like animals.

Carlo:This thing work? If it does, we could use it.

James:We have a box for it downstairs.

(electronic beep) (sound of portable ac fan) You did turn off the AC right? James:Yeah OK James:It's been of since you told me to turn it off.

Especially since that window is wide open.

James:Yeah Was it open the whole time? James:Huh? Was that window open the whole time? James:Which one.

That one? Yeah James: (I)think so and the AC was on? (that) doesn't make any sense.

This is actually the least bad.

James:Yeah I think this was James:Chris's room because James:it kind of has that dog smell.

which they weren't supposed to have pets.

There's (inaudible) proof so this is a dog bone? James:Looks like it.


James: but I mean you can see they actually James: did a pretty good job painting.

Yeah I know Chris did that.

inaudible This is the sh** fest.

Look at this sh**! Sigh.

It's like they've never cleaned the bathroom.

once in their whole history.

James: Inaudible Got it.

We'll leave the light on for now.

This is on it's way up to the top.

Hole in the wall This must be when they got arrested James:Um hmm cause there's a bunch of soil James:Yeah The cops must have uprooted everything.

James:Yeah I imagine so.

But even still.

James:It might have been like mostly James: cops going through the trash.

You know it's not nearly as hot up here as I thought it would be.

James:Inaudible Yeah but the AC is not even on.

Sigh This is just insane.

I don't even.

I don't know it might not have been like this when the before the cops came in and tore it all up.

but still James:.

But I'm seeing a lot of the cigarette buts James:and like just food everywhere.

That doesn't have anything to do with the cops I guess.

James:yeah Plastic bottle caps, What other kind of sh** (do) we have here? Carlo: It looks like they had pots here.


Where you are standing.

Pot? Carlo:Pots.


There is evidence of soil and pots everywhere.

Carlo:I mean it's a f**king watering can here.

Yup Carlo:.

Air pump? sigh.

Trying to get a close up of all this sh** I mean it doesn't even look like he tried f**king clean this place out.

You know?.

No attempt made whatsoever.

James: is that the aqua teen hunger force DVD (Laughing) Carlo: God**mit! James:Oh wait no they're both in there.



Carlo: CORNDOGS FU** YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! James:This was just there.

OK at least nobody can see this.

James:Yeah What's with all the PVC pipe? James:Irrigation? We need a junk truck.

James: Yeah.

Ok It used to be so nice, man.

Wallet? Carlo:Um Hmm James:It would be nice to trim down these branches James:and put in a basketball hoop.

Carlo:How weird would it be for me to look in there for money? James: Where? Carlo:That wallets out just for show.

Yeah I know.

So How did you feel when you first saw all the work you had to do? James:Well James:Fu**ed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Alright well.

James:At least it's something to do right? Yeah! There's your summer job right there buddy.

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How Much Can I Rent My House For?

Alright guys, I'm going to uh shoot a quicktutorial on, how to determine rents.

The other day somebody asked me, well how much can Irent my house for, if I buy this property over here.

This is what we use when we arenot too familiar with uh an area, it's rentometer dot com.

Uh, its easy to use and its Freeto use, okay just plug in your address right here, the address of the subject propertythat you are going to, you are thinking about buying or fixing it up to rent it out.

Uh,the rent and the bedrooms.

Let me just grab an address off of zillow dot com.

I am goingthere because they got addresses that are public.

I am not trying to pick on anybody'sparticular house.

Uh, lets go to uh lets go to Houston.

[pause] Alright, and we are goingto try and get a three bedroom, two bath, uh no apartments so lets filter this out here.

Home type, we just want a house.

By the way guys, if you are on our website, uh at weteach houses dot com, there's a, there's a module called Rental Properties, that willhelp you maximize uh your cash flow and how to get the most out of your rental properties.

It will help you out a lot,when you get a chance, look at it, review it.

I will leavea link to it on this post, Uh, apply here.

Alright guys, what we got here is three bedrooms,houses only, 2 or more bathrooms, so lets just filter or sort them through price here.

And I'm just looking for around fifteen hundred square feet, three bedrooms, two baths, that'sa little low.

Uh, seventeen hundred twelve thirty five.

I don't know that may be uh,lets go right here, Looks good [noise] Again we are just grabbing this, this address sowe can plug it in that rentometer.

oh, come on guys.

Zillow says its eleven twenty [pause]for that property, It should rent for and they're asking a thousand.

Lets go look atthis.

Okay, plug in your address, thousand dollars in rent, three bedroom, analyze mydeal.

Pull up some information here and you should have a map.

There's the subject propertyright in the dead center, the star in the in the box.

All of these little dots aroundhere are rental properties and they show you how much they rent for.

This one here, twentytwo hundred, wow that's pretty good.

Ten fifty and that's pretty close.

Eight hundred, nineseventy five, nine fifty, twelve hundred [pause] That's eleven hundred, and seventeen hundred.

Alright guys, this is based on forty six rental units.

They are all 3 bedrooms, these areall three bedrooms.

Alright, you want to stay as close as you can to the property.

Uh, youwant to compare apples to apples, so these guys are asking a thousand, they should beable to get it fairly easy, uh depending on what they got to do to improve the propertyor get it rent ready.

Uh, personally we would probably get eleven, eleven fifty and we wouldget that very easily.

Again, you can get all that information on the module we over hereon our website, uh rental properties.

So its in video format, its got a presentation inuh power point.

Uh, its got a lot of good information, so use it to help you out, ifyou need it and I hope this little tutorial helped you out on the rents, alright, y'allhave a good day.


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Should I Rent or Sell My House

hello my name is Fernando Herboso withMaxus Realty Group in today I'll be discussing a question I get veryoften which is should I rent my house instead of sellingit you know that this study has concluded 10 I personal bias prefer to rent outless residence rather than stalin when purchasing the next on in on you have to understanda lot times by is preferred to keep their houses because they want to keepand preserve the value of the property which the equity data received in if there's a way they can offset thepayments that they have to do the mortgage payments versus the payments are they gonna beused to inform a new tenant it does make sense to try to maintainthis property is a rental rather than stellar net but in some cases we have to understandthat you may have to sell your problem on a4a for you to have enough money to purchaseUNIX home so that's another problem day you may face but let's talkabout if you decide it the you want to rent a house in thistale of selling it and let me show you some questions that you may ask yourself the before renting your home enough question numberone it's always how would you respond if your tenants say so they cannotafford to pay their rent this morn because of morepressing obligations you know this happens during peakholiday seasons in a christmastime where people need money for expenses andyou may have the printer I'll which is your tenant a asking new of to wat to receive your payment sothis is something that you have to consider when you are renting a house to anindividual to you are not really familiar how'd they behave withtheir payments in how to behave with the bills thing what type responsibility in thisappliance that they have themselves so that's the chance youtaking Wenger rent a property the question number twowill be because of the economy many homeowners can no longer make theirmortgage payments what percent of tenants do you think canno longer afford to pay the rent so if you're in the area for examplearound washington DC were day tenancy laws really favor a lot more to live attendance then thelandlords you may 5 me you may face yourself a with a huge problem when you're tenand may not be able to make the payments but they had the right to remain in theproperty without pain for a certain period and meanwhile youhave to keep those payments to Europe bank yourmortgage payments had to be babe you wanna personal you credit so there's avery important thing to consider when you renting house another question number tree will be have you ever interview and experiencein the X in the turning case the you have to challenge a tenant this is a bit stressful situation forany person looking to rent a house when you had togo to the court system to make your tenant pay you money another question the you need toask you selfless have you talked to an insurancecompany about possible increase in premiums as liability in greater often on on offby home meaning day you may end up paying moreinsurance if you're renting a house especially in the in area that the insurance company mayfind to be a very risky for damsel you need tospeak to your insurance company to see howmuch more or how much less im a close your insurance if youthinking about renting your house another question is thatwould you allow pets cats dogs and how big is a dogging inthis is a very important question for you because a lot of families do havepets etc and that they moved with debts and youhave to understand that issuer coincidence saying Knoll 100percent not to any bets near you wanna cut down on the number of applicants foryour property possibly in above fifty percent of thepeople and this is not a good thing damnbecause dan is gonna take you longer to rent in his obey important danger you mayconsider directing with a bed maybe somethingthat you may be able to do by maybe charge in an extra the policyto all maybe putting some stipulations during thenegotiation of your lease contract number six how was actually collect thewrecked by mail in person the number on bysoldiers give to people is that I prefer for the tenant to do a directdeposit to the landlord this is a very importantprocess because in deal you're not really an means touching making sure youmaintaining a relationship with your tenant in that is becoming more and morepersonally more friendly that then they will have toliberty to maybe ask you to hold on and they'll have the money can policehelp be your whatever you prefer to have unknownrelationship with a tenant and did less contact with them the better for you and you prefer forthe money to go directly to you director add to your bank account frontairbag bank account and they will be no problem for thatinjury money would come every single for so the Mont number seven repairs are part of being a landlordpools dak 10 and calls for repairs rights inthis is very important for you to realize you taking in assuming a lot ofresponsibility for a whole family living in anotherhouse there you will have no idea what they're doing it having parties or not in what did whether they do into the house thateventually made break you may have achieved maybe puttingsomething in Flushing down the toilet toy use or something implying up to hype you may end up having to pay fordisappears for days in this may happen in the middle of the night end so lemme you have to be ready to take these calls at the worst times you may end up spending hundreds ofdollars repairing things that but that you haveto repair because someone did not take care of this stuff in thedriveway soul abusing the products that you havein your house may be more prevalent wat tenants that they have kids but it's very hardfor you to prove that they were abused in it India theymay be construed the same is just in I'll a regular break andterrible problem of a product because yeah his longevity of how long you'vehad ed in a eventually you end up paying forthe whole thing in x1 is up %uh do you have a list of class peoplereadily available to handle this affairs you'd better have those things readyespecially a plumber which is an emergency English tuitionanother emergency does to are very important for you tohave I prior to put in the proper in the marketpriority for you to have a tenant in and your property to make sure you knowwho to call in case something happens well as electrical plumbing theother question number nine how often will youdo a physical inspection the property normally you can you don't have theright to just burst into the house and knock on thedoor see him here to proceed to inspect the property you can not do that that's against thelaw you have to keep your attendance right golf for you not to but into theirbusiness and you had to giving enough warning days Monday 24 48 hours depending what you contract you pleasecontact says but you have to give been warning how long is going to be I'll when are you going to makeinspection of the property you want to the dais especially once every year to making sure that yourproperty has been taking care of allowed times I see lol hours cannotforget about is they come back three years later andages horrified to find out their property hasnot been taking care of in his son mess and they have to greed drove the wholething so you need to have an inspection preprelease once a year in number 10 we'll alert you turna boost to your rent in the house you know this is something that you haveto understand the reason why would put dissing here is because you want to have they help for your neighbors to makingsure the Incase something that's happened to give you acall are you want your neighbors now to be day watchdogs for your house in is avery important that you maintained a relationship tothis neighbors because you want to know what's going on in your house old times the bone linesdays renting al residential real estatehistorically is a great investment for you however it is not with those challenges make sure you had decided to rent ahouse because you want to be in the Investor now because you're hoping to get a fewextra dollars by postponing a cell if you'redeciding to rent a house please give me a call and I'll be glad to give you more information more directly relatedto your property the location how much you could expecton a monthly basis from the tent my name is for another also I am a broker owner for Maryland DC andVirginia for Maxis Realty Group I can help you rented property or I canhelp you get top dollar for the property if youdecide to sell please feel free to give me a call I 301 246 seal seal seal on where you can getmore information by going to our website www really niceon the comp slash selling thank you have a great day.

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Preparing to Sell Your Home: Staying Clean While Moving! (Clean My Space)

Moving is something we all have to do atsome point and while it can be stressful, if you manage it effectively, it'll be asmooth transition from wherever you are to wherever you're going.

Many of you haveasked me to put together different moving videos.

From how to prepare for a move, how to pack, how to unpack, how to organize.

So many requests and I've wantedto answer them for so long because I have so much to say on the topic.

The issue is, I wasn't moving.

Sofortunately, our producer, Lucas, he just sold this condo and we decided as a team,that we're going to share his journey of moving with all of y'all.

This video we'regoing to talk about how to prepare your space for a move.

So, before you eventhink about selling, things that you need to do around the house.

We're going to tryand keep these moving videos fairly brief but there is so much to say on the topic.

So, we've put all the gory details up on our website, CleanMySpace.


So you can be sure to check that out.

Butright now, let's talk about 10 ways to prepare your space for a move.

Let's go.

Decluttering, the first thing you want to do when you're preparing your space tosell is to get rid of as much excess stuff as possible, so that you can make yourspace look as large as possible.

After all, that's what people are going to bemost interested in.

So go through your home and removeanything that is not absolutely necessary.

From decor items, books, DVDs and anythingelse lying around that isn't absolutely pertinent.

Cleaning your windows.

Naturallight is a huge selling feature of any space.

And let's face it, no one likeslooking out dirty windows.

So, if you want your perspective buyers to feel likethey're walking into a space with tons of natural light, you better make sure thosewindows are clean.

Where possible, you want to make sure thatyou can get your exterior windows clean and obviously your interior ones as well.

Remember those tracks and your window coverings.

And if you're looking forvideos on how to clean your windows, different recipes and techniques and whattools and products to use, I'll link all of that down below for you.

Because ofcourse, we have videos on it.

Depersonalize, the next step is going tobe challenging but it is so important when it comes to making a sale.

Your job hereis to neutralize your space.

You want to take out anything that's personal,superstitious, religious.

Any photographs or knick-knacks or cards oranything personal.

Because your job here is to turn your homeback into a house.

You have to help people themselves in your space.

Not you in yourspace and remember, all of the things that you're taking out, they're going to go toyour new home.

So, you can set it up and feel right back at home, onceyou get there.

Walls, baseboards, and vents.

This iswhere attention to detail can really pay off.

Fixing up little marks or scuffs onyour wall is a great way to make your space look clean.

Also, remember to cleanthe light switch plates and get rid of any of those marks on there.

Baseboards areareas that are often forgotten but really important to keep clean.

And finally, yourvents are also something that the pickiest buyers are going to look at.

And if youquickly vacuum them, you give them nothing to scoff at.

Clean the kitchen.

As I've said before,the kitchen is the heart of the home and it is used as a barometer for how cleanthe rest of your space is.

So, having it clean is super important.

You wantto make sure that all of your exterior surfaces are clean.

So, that includes yourcountertops, your sinks, your cupboard fronts, your door handles.

All theexterior appliance surfaces.

You even want to make sure that theexhaust filter about your oven is either cleaned or changed entirely.

Now, we haveso many different videos about how to clean your kitchen and I will link all ofthem below for you.

So, you can get lost in a little kitchen cleaning Youtuberabbit hole.

Remove excess furniture.

If you want agreat way to free up extra square footage without having to build an addition, allyou need to do is clear out any excess furniture.

So, go through each space,remove things that you though you needed but you really don't.

And just watch howyour room opens up.

Remember, you put all this stuff in storage, you can bring itinto your new space.

Or you might decide you don't need it anymore.

Deodorize your space.

You may or may notknow this, but your home has a unique scent.

And while you might not notice it,other people will.

And the last thing you want to do is turn someone off when theywalk in because your scent doesn't jive with theirs.

So, the first thing you cando is open all of your windows and just let Mother Nature do her work.

The next thing you can do is bring in somenice, neutral, gentle scents into your home by using something like a nebulizerwith essential oils, a lamp berget or even a reed diffuser.

We made this one and I'lllink the video down below for you along with some other nice DIY scent projects.

Clean your closets.

Remember, almost anypotential buyer is going to be interested in how much closet space they might begetting themselves into.

So, it's incumbent upon you, to make sure that yourcloset has as little clutter as possible and looks as organized as possible.

That'sgoing to make it look bigger and more appealing.

So take out anything that's out of seasonor anything that looks cluttered or sort of out of place.

Put that into storage orget rid of it altogether.

Either way, your job is to make the closet look huge.

Deepclean your bathroom.

If you want to make a prospective buyer feel right at home in aflash, have a spotless bathroom.

You want them to feel like they can take ashower or sit on your toilet with absolutely nothing to worry about.

So,this means you got to roll up your sleeves and give your bathroom a good scrubbing.

Get your tub and tiles nice and soap scum free.

As well as mold and mildew-free.

Youcan also consider changing out your shower curtain or your bathmat to make it lookextra clean.

Give your toilet a nice thorough scrub and make sure your mirrorsand sinks are shiny and looking new.

Clean your carpets.

Since floors are sucha large part of a space, making sure that they look perfectly clean is reallyimportant.

But if you have carpets, it's sort of a next level situation becausecarpets cling on to odors and stains.

So, if you have kids or pets, you don't wantto give any perspective buyers reasons to turn their nose up or raise an eyebrow.

That means, make sure that your carpetsare clean, stain-free and deodorized.

And if you can't get this done yourself feelfree to bring in a profession.

Remember, you don't want to give buyers any reasonto try and lower a price.

Whether you're moving up, downsizing or moving out forthe first time, I hope that this video has helped you get preparedfor that very move.

Remember, we're following Lucas on hisjourney from this condo to the new one.

So we'll be getting lots of excitingmoving content out for you over the next little while.

But in the meantime, makesure you let me know your moving questions down below and that way we can incorporatethem into upcoming videos.

If you want to see what I'm up to during the week, asidefrom cleaning things.

You can find me on Instagram.


The guy who packed our car up this morning with camera gear while Idid my hair and makeup, he is @THECHADREYNOLDS and together we are@CLEANMYSPACE.

There's a button down there that lets me know you care, so click it ifyou liked this video.

And click this button right here to subscribe and beginyour journey to a cleaner life.

Thanks so much for watching and we'llsee you next time.

Now, it's that special time in the video,the end of the video, where I get to throw you to a couple of other videos I thinkyou're going to love.

And the first one has to do with cleaning your oven overheadexhaust filter.

Something I talked about in this video and something that wedefinitely forget to do.

Even if you're not moving it's a good thing to take on.

And the next one is to make your own reed diffuser.

It is a fun project and it definitelyyields exciting results.

Thanks guys and I'll see you next week.

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How To Sell Your House Fast – Why Is My House Not Selling?

Kris Krohn with REITV, and you've asked it! We've got the answer.

What do you do TODAY if your house your trying to sell is NOT selling?? "My house isn't selling! What should I do?!" Drop the price! Listen, I know that that may not be what you wanna hear, but it is one of your options.

There's a chance that youmight be thinking that your house is worth more than the market is telling you that itis.

There's a chance that you got advice.

Listen, it happens in the world of real estate.

We take our best guess and I'll go to my experts and I'll say "What should we list this at?".

And you know what? Often, they're right on the money.

Sometimes, they're low, and sometimes were too high.

And if that's the case, then you need to live within reality because it doesn't matter what YOU think it's worth.

I don't care how much money you put into the landscaping of the yard or how much you've put into repairs, a $50,000 yard does notmean that the house is worth $50,000 more.

In fact, very minimal repairs actually gointo increasing the value of a home.

So, the most important thing here is to first, make sure that you operate inside of reality and the market – the people that live in your area, they're gonna tell you what's real.

Your second option is actually doing a lease option.

Lease option is where it doesn't make sense for you to actually sell your housein the market and yet maybe you still want to move.

So what can you do? Well, you can collect the down payment with the seller financing option.

A family maybe gives you a 3, 5, $7000 of a down payment saying "We'd like to move in to this house and we'll cover the payment".

And depending on how your mortgage is structured, you could get BOTH a down payment in the thousands of dollars and you could collect a positivecash flow on that property.

And that also is another way to say 'Hey,if the market isn't going to allow me to sell my house for what I need, then this is anexcellent strategy for holding on to it longer until it WILL SELL and MAKE MONEY.

But in the meantime, I can still move on with my life if I have to leave the state or takea new job or simply move into a different house.

If you liked this video, we have a lot morecoming your way, but you GOTTA hit that Subscribe video so we can make sure you know about every one of them.

Thanks so much! We'll see you next week!.

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HOW DO I SELL MY HOUSE | #ClosingTalk Ep. 18

Hey everybody thank you for tuning into the18th episode of #ClosingTalk.

We are coming from the Delaware waterfront talking aboutif I were you, how would I sell my house? See a lot of you guys are perfectly capableand knowledgeable enough, and have the intuitive nature to be able to sell your own house,but there are little things you do not know.

Hopefully we will try to dis-spell them.

Sorryfor any of the wind.

There is certainly enough out there.

Nothing I can do about it besidesfight it.

The #1 thing you need to know when selling your own house is listen, I don'tcare what anybody says; 90% of any sale, whether you are selling it yourself or whether itis an agent, is all price.

So if you have the property priced wrong, you are not doingyourself any justice.

See if I was you, what I would do is I would hire an appraiser.

Iwould spend the $450.

I am sorry to break it to you.

If you are trying to sell yourown house, it is going to cost money.

What you are trying to fight with is just how muchmoney is it going to cost.

Beings that price is 90% of the concern here, you need to doyour due diligence.

I am not talking about an appraiser that is going to be an end allbe all, because your buyer is going to have their own appraiser.

At the end of the day,what the appraiser is going to do for you is let you know where to price the property.

See if you price it wrong, the property is going to sit.

If you price it right, I don'tcare what type of distribution you have or what those photos look like, your propertyis going to sell.

It just depends how many offers is it going to get.

See if you knowthe price of the property, you can hone in and know for yourself that you are gettinga fair deal.

See a lot of people think their property is worth a lot more than it actuallyis and they are trying to squeeze every dollar out of it.

That is why they are not gettingtheir property sold.

By having that appraisal done yourself to know a little bit more aboutthe market and give yourself an upper hand to know when you have a fair deal.

In today'smarkets, that is what sells, a fair deal.

No one is trying to take the shirt off ofyour back, but everyone wants to be treated fairly.

The reason why your house is not sellingis because you are not treating the buyer fairly and you need to do that.

How wouldyou like to be treated if you were on the other end of the stick.

Buyers have so muchaccess to information today that you need to price properly.

Anyone can see throughyour little cloud of smoke.

There is just too much access to information that you needto price the property right.

Now, how can you distribute it? You can spend a nominalamount and go to a variety of people who will place your property on the MLS, which is thesame service that us realtor's use.

You can enter it on Zillow.

Com and Trulia.

Com becausethey are all the same site.

You will not be able to enter it on Realtor.

Com because thatis only for REALTOR's, but that is a nominal price for the price overall that you are goingto be saving in commission.

Now lets talk about commission.

Just because you are sellingyour own house does not mean you are going to get lucky and end up not paying a buyerside commission.

You should go into this thinking you are going to be paying 3%.

Listen, ifyou get away with paying less, good for you.

At the end of the day, even paying a buyer'sagent 3% who is capable, willing, and able, is going to save you a lot of time effortand energy.

See, I do not care if your family member is in real estate or you have previousknowledge, at the end of the day, you do not know.

So, there is going to be things youneed help with in the transaction, whether you are represented or not with paperworkand whatnot.

So at least by paying one side of the transaction properly to the right personwho deserves it, will probably get you a little bit farther than just trying to be cheap,and that is what for the most part a For Sale By Owner is.

It is being cheap.

So if youcan master pricing your property and if you can master marketing your property, whichthe marketing is relatively nominal, to fill in the gaps, if you are in an urban area youcan do open houses, otherwise if I was you I would and trying to market your property,I would call the different brokers in the area.

They are going to be a wealth of informationto where as long as you are offering a buyer side commission, who knows, they might haveclients for you and being proactive is always better than being reactive.

So let me knowwhat you think! Have you recently tried selling your own house? Is it going well.

Let me knowbelow.

At the end of the day, I am here for you regardless of what you decide to do.

Whatevercity you are in.

If you are in Philly, New York, or out in California, I don't care,I am here for you.

I am the guy who can help you connect the dots between what you thinkyou know and really need to know in order to be successful in today's marketplace.

Atthe end of the day, this is all about you and your success.

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