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I’m Trying to Sell a Home – What are the Essentials in a For Rent Deal?

Hey, it's Joe.

Another question.

This is abouthow to talk to sellers and how to get your deals together.

This question is, "What mustyou have in a for rent deal in order for you to be able to sell the home?" Those thingsare the monthly payment must be at or below market rent.

If you don't, if you get themonthly payment wrong, it's not going to sell.

I guarantee it.

It won't sell.

Don't evenwaste your time.

If the monthly payment is not at or below market rent on a lease optionit will not sell.

B, You need a sign in the yard.

Sign in theyard will bring you in 25% of your buyers.

It's really important to have that sign inthe yard.

You can sell it with just a Craigslist ad or just a Postlets ad, but having thatsign in the yard will speed up the process dramatically and also make it easy for peopleto be able to find the property when they go out and look for it.

You know, if they'redriving out to look for it and there's no sign in the yard it's hard for you, hard forthem to find it.

Another is C, third way, is you don't allowyour seller to rent it while you're trying to rent it.

Now, the lease option memo, thefirst one that I'm giving you if you're using the Automarketer, is one that says they can,they have the right to go out and rent it themselves or sell it themselves, and youknow, cut us out of the deal.

They have the right to do that as long as they don't takeour leads.

What I would suggest as you get better at this is if they're trying to rentthe property to ask them would you give me 30 days to try to do this before you try torent it.

Let me get a buyer tenant in there instead of a regular tenant.

They're goingto be better tenants, you know, you don't wash a rental car.

You take better care ofthe things that you own, or at least you think you're going to own.

So let's sell it to alease option person.

Give me a little bit of time to that.

Will you allow me to do that?And most of the time they'll say yes.

Because if they don't, it's sometimes a little biteasier to rent a property than to lease option it and so they might be faster at it.

Plus,if they're pricing it at a different price than you are, that screws you up as well becausethey may have an ad in Craigslist right next to yours that has a lower price or a lowermonthly payment on it and that's not going to be effective.

The other thing that you need is a Craigslist ad.

The Craigslist ad is where you're goingget most of your buyers total.

So you've got to make sure that Craigslist ad is ghostedand by ghosting, that means that you post that ad and it sends you back an email sayinghey, your ad is posted.

And you click on that link and there it is, there's your ad andit looks great.

But then if you go into Craigslist through the front door and you look for thatad it's not there.

That's ghosting your ad.

And they do that for different reasons.

Ifthey think you're spam or if they think that you're using, if you're posting it from outsidetheir area, and usually I find that if you're within a state normally you can get your adto be posted.

If you're out two, three or four states away,you know, if I try to, if I'm in Indiana and I try to post in California, my ad gets flaggedalmost immediately or it gets ghosted immediately just because of the IP address of where I'mat and posting, it can recognize that and it won't allow me to post in California.

SoI have to have somebody in California to post that for me in order to make that ad work.

That's why you need boots on the ground sometimes in an area that you're not working in becauseyou need them to post your Craigslist ad for you as well.

So those are the vital things that you need in order to sell a property once you've gotan lease option memo on it.

If you screw up any of those things you probably won't getit sold.

The other thing that screws up a lot of propertydeals is that you lose faith from your seller.

They lose faith in you.

Or they don't thinkyou're competent, or they think you know, you're just not doing a good job and so theygo off and do something else and they say, no, I'm not really interested, or they don'ttake your calls anymore, or they take your sign out of the yard.

And that happens usuallybecause they've lost faith in you.

So do a good job, do a good job for them, you know,make sure you're trying to help them and learn to be competent.

Learn to speak competently.

All right.

Hope that helps.

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