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Operation Finally Home: Tell us about the Dallas Builder Association

– [Freeman] Welcome to Texas Top Homes, where home buying, selling, and financing are all simplified.

I'm your host, Freeman Sawyer,and with me as usual is the queen of closing costs, Nancy Currie.

Today we have Phil Crone with the Dallas Builders Association, Ronnie Laos with Operation Finally Home, and Donny Evans with Altura Homes.

Gentlemen, thanks for coming here.

– Great to be here.

– Thank you for having us.

– Bill, tell us who theDBA is, to start off.

– Sure.

The Dallas Builders Association, we're a nonprofit organization that represents homebuilders and developers and then all the contractors and suppliers that support the residentialhome building industry.

Essential, we're a chamber of commerce for the residentialhome building industry, so we do a lot ofeducation, a lot of events, some advocacy, and great charity work through our charity of choice,Operation Finally Home.

– [Freeman] Ronnie, how can folks find out a little more informationabout Operation Finally Home? Do you have a website? – [Ronnie] We do,OperationFinallyHome.


They can go on that, they can find out what projects we currently have underway.

If somebody wants toapply to receive a home, there's an applicationform online as well.

– [Freeman] What about the listeners, what if they want to donate some of that money that Donny was talking about? – [Ronnie] If they go toour website, they can– they can click on "Help A Hero Now" and it will go into the general fund, or they can specify toa particular project where they want the money to go.

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Rent to own houses – Learn about how to rent to own Homes

Due to the cash shortage issues as well asproblems in downpayment, everyone who is willing to buy a house cannot do so.

However, thereare some good options for such buyers, one being the "rent to own houses" option.

Suchagreements allow renters to buy properties at some point within their period of lease.

Although the renters are required to pay a certain amount higher than the standard rent,that amount will later add up to his credit and will be used at the time of buying thehouse.

There are certain pros and cons to rent toown houses.

For example, if a buyer fails to buy a property at the end of the lease,he wouldn't get back the extra amount he paid for the rent.

Besides that, some rent to ownhomes agreement are designed in such a way that the tenant is obliged to buy the houseat any cost at the end of the lease.

Therefore, one should be very careful and should plantheir finance well before going for a rent to own house agreement.

If you are intenton renting to own houses, you can search for an appropriate house on your local newspaperlistings, craiglist or get info on them from real estate agents.

Refer to the links in the description belowto learn more about Rent to Own Houses.

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